Backup and Recovery


Your data is your business. IBM i backup and recovery plans are critical to good business, and saving data requires planning based on your restoration needs. 

During your sessions, you'll cover the following topics:

Part 1

  • System i Overview
  • Operating System Release
  • System i Data
  • How Applications Affect Data
  • The 5 Ws Discussion:
    • Why Back Up Data?
    • Where to Store Data (hardware, disk, SAN, HA, and more)
    • What Data to Save (to guarantee successful business recovery)
    • Window of Opportunity—24/7 business requirements and more
    • What is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • Save Commands
  • Evaluating Backups
  • Backup Tips

Part 2

  • What Is Your Business Backup Strategy?
  • How Should You Track Saved Data?
  • Restore Commands
  • Objects Not Restored
  • Recovery Plan
  • Recovery Tips

Backup and Recovery is a 2-hour, recorded training that you can take at your own pace. Allowing time for breaks and course exercises, the course takes approximately 4 hours to complete.


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This training is available on-demand.

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Available On Demand
$199 per person
4 hours - own pace