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Product line: Intermapper X
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The basic window of Intermapper is the map. It shows a graphical representation of all the equipment on your network. Intermapper continually queries the devices shown on a map to determine their health.

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Learn to use the Autodiscovery function to create an initial network map and more in this on-demand training. Start now!

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Discover all the major windows you'll use in Intermapper and how they can benefit you on a daily basis. Start your training today!

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Discover how to create probes and refine your process in Intermapper. Start your free training now!

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How does Intermapper store the data it collects from monitored devices? InterMapper automatically saves data from probes that is designated “Autorecord”. This function of the InterMapper server puts data into the Chart Data folder in Intermapper Settings. Start your training now!

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When configured to do so, Intermapper can save a great deal of information about devices, interfaces, events, and performance data in the Intermapper Database. The best way to access information in this database is to use Intermapper Reports, but sometimes you may want to retrieve information not covered by one of our reports. Intermapper Database uses the PostgreSQL database engine and thus can be queried using SQL. Start your training now!

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Intermapper provides a complete set of tools to the user for investigating, understanding and troubleshooting unexpected results. Learn More!


Understanding the Map: Intermapper provides visual cues to help you understand the states of the devices on your map quickly. Start this session now!