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The data area MSDTA82 is used to ensure that the ‘end of day’ process (started by job ALERTPRT), is complete before performing some ‘housekeeping’ procedures. Therefore if MSDTA82 is in use it is because the ALERTPRT...

How To Guide
June 16, 2016

DTIHosts can be edited using any text file editor. For example: For Windows 2003: edit [ESM directory]&backslash;bin&backslash;inw3s-ix86DTIHosts For Windows 2000 : edit [ESM directory]&backslash;bin&backslash;inw2k-ix86DTIHosts...

When the ALERT profile is delivered the profile is set to never expire, therefore a parameter must have been changed at some point. Please contact your DetectIT Technical Engineer and request the procedures for resetting ALERT.

This error has been seen in situations where the backup process locks files in the Safestone @* libraries, but another DetectIT process tries to access the same file.

This is normally because the DetectIT subsystems have not been ended....

Sign on to the IBM i, using the ALERT profile, enter the DSPNETA command.

How To Guide
June 16, 2016

The register command is located in the sub-directory containing the executables for the "native" ESM agent. The defaults are: For Windows 2003: [ESM directory]&backslash;bin&backslash;inw3s-ix86 For Windows 2000: [ESM directory]&...

Use the register command shipped with the ESM software. The following command string must be executed on the proxy agent:

register -A -x [agent] -X AS/400 -b as400 -m [manager] -U [user] -P [password]


[agent] = name of the...

A DetectIT server job called ALERTDS01 must be active. This job runs in subsystem TIMPGM.

How To Guide
June 16, 2016

The job is started automatically as part of the DetectIT subsystem start up routine.

Use the STRALERT command to start the DetectIT subsystems.

In order for the job to stay active the following conditions must be satisfied: The DetectIT Security Audit and Detection module must be licensed on your IBM i A TCP/IP port must be assigned to the ESM server job

This can be done as follows:

DetectIT Native

Sign on to the IBM i using the ALERT profile. Execute the command WRKDTITCP. To assign the TCP/IP port, select F6 = Add. Enter option "1″ against product "ESM". Enter the...

There are a couple of common reasons why this could be occurring. Please check the following: Ensure that the correct TCP/IP port number is assigned to the ESM 'product' on the IBM i Is there a firewall installed that may be restricting...

The following steps are required:

For Windows NT/2000

Intruder Alert 3.5 agent software must be installed The Intruder Alert agent must be registered with the manager

For Sun Solaris and AIX

Intruder Alert 3.0 (...

Note: Windows NT or Windows 2000 only) The following steps are required: Install Intruder Alert Locate the file cols_nt.cfg

Add the following entry to file cols_nt.cfg: &backslash;application&backslash;DTIITA...

For Windows NT/Windows 2000:

The installation of the Intruder Alert interface introduces a program to the Start Menu called 'Port Maintenance'. This shows you which port the server is currently listening on, and provides you the...

How To Guide
June 16, 2016

The ITADTICFG command is located in the sub-directory containing the executables for the DetectIT Intruder Alert interface. Namely:

Sun Solaris

[Intruder Alert directory]/bin/solaris-sparc-as400



It is not recommended that you use the IBM i command for this, because the DetectIT process performs some housekeeping functions too. For example the Safestone function removes redundant DetectIT jobs and updates a number of parameters. Either...

Within the “Post Filter Screening” option in the Security Audit and Detection module you can define rules which will cause matching events to be omitted from the reports. You can filter using global rules (i.e. affecting all reports...

How To Guide
June 16, 2016

If you are collecting a large amount of security data and not purging it regularly, then the @MS library will grow. You can take a number of steps to control this within the Security Audit and Detection menu:

Ensure you are printing only the...

These instructions assume that you have the correct license for the new partition/system. It is important that the correct procedure is followed for a new install; this is because when performed incorrectly, you may see messages about serial...

The status bar, at the bottom of the window, should show the system name or IP address of the IBM i you are connected to. Each time a request is sent to the IBM i, and the PC is waiting for the response, an animated DetectIT logo is displayed. In...