Intermapper vs. Network Monitoring Freeware: Comparison Checklist


You need to know your free network monitoring solution can do everything you need it to, like monitor all your IP-enabled equipment, auto-discover devices, and run on multiple operating systems.

You’ll find lots of free network monitoring software options on the market, but not all of them will offer the same sophisticated live mapping, flexible monitoring, and real-time alerting that Intermapper does.

See how Intermapper’s free version stacks up to other free options with this helpful side-by-side checklist.


NETWORK MAPPING Intermapper Others
Scheduled autodiscovery at specified dates and times
IP range scanning for granular monitoring
Drag-and-drop map editing
Unlimited customization of icons, layouts, and background images
Easy map viewing on mobile devices
Hierarchical map creation
Real-time configurations for when new devices are discovered
Automatic Layer 2 and 3 mapping
DetectionMap interface for new devices
Google Earth integration


Free monitoring for unlimited components on up to 5 devices
Free probes for comprehensive IT monitoring
Distributed network monitoring for physical and virtual components
Monitoring for device-specific metrics (response time, packet loss, etc.)
Lightweight polling by common protocols (TCP, ICMP, HTTP, WMI, etc.) for virtually real-time monitoring
SNMP monitoring
Custom reporting
Free monitoring add-on to Splunk Enterprise



AlLERTS & NOTIFICATIONS Intermapper Others
Custom alerts via email, text, SMS, etc.
Specify individuals or groups who should receive messages
Time delays to minimize “nuisance” alarms






GENERAL USE Intermapper Others
Single, one-time installation
Intuitive and easy to use
Web interface
Monitors everything from the server (no agent required)
Insite Dashboard functionality



SUPPORT Intermapper Others
Self-help resources online (manuals, articles, videos, etc.)
Active user community  
Online store for easy upgrades



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