Network Monitoring

Network administrator in the city keeping an eye on his network from outside the office

Network Monitoring

Reduce the risk of downtime and proactively manage network issues before they affect users and customers with a solution that provides immediate visibility into device performance.

Stay one step ahead of network problems with total visibility into device health and traffic patterns.

Identify and fix issues faster contributing to maximum user productivity and customer satisfaction.

Cut costs related to lost business during network outages, as well as time-consuming manual troubleshooting.

Why Network Monitoring Helps Organizations Prevent Outages

When there’s trouble on the network, from an overloaded switch to a failed router, IT has no time to waste. Every passing second equals lost user productivity and business. But without a clear picture of current device statuses and historic traffic levels, trying to identify culprit devices becomes one long, frustrating rabbit trail.

As the number of connected devices on your network grows, manually managing it all gets harder and harder. Optimal network performance requires monitoring every device, application, and system running on your network 24/7. Using network monitoring solutions makes this process easier, more effective, and less time-consuming.  

Solve network issues before users or customers notice there’s a problem. With enterprise network monitoring solutions, network administrators and engineers have constant awareness of what “normal” looks like, making unusual peaks and dips in traffic levels stand out. Real-time alerts guide IT teams straight to the issues so you can quickly adjust bandwidth levels or identify hardware in need of replacing. The ability to actually see the entire network helps you maintain smooth network performance, both now and in the future. 

“Mapping the network and drilling down to maps of specific locations and connections allows us to quickly pinpoint issues. If a router in New York is acting up, I can instantly see the problem, where it is located, the impact it can have on the network, and what we need to do to fix the issue.”

Tim Huffman
Director of Engineering
Business Only Broadband

Map and Monitor Your Network with Intermapper

Intermapper provides network monitoring and mapping for all industries.

Intermapper is a powerful, user-friendly network mapping and monitoring solution for Windows, Mac, and/or Linux. Automatically diagram every network device on a live map, color-coded to provide an at-a-glance view of what’s healthy and what needs attention. It’s easy to drill in to metrics and make adjustments to improve performance. When you’re away from your desk, Intermapper will notify you if bandwidth thresholds are exceeded, helping you proactively monitor your network for optimal performance.   

From schools to government agencies, large enterprises to start-ups, companies of all sizes and across many industries rely on Intermapper every day, including: