Signature Capture & Approval Management

A businesswoman uses an electronic signature to approve a document

Signature Capture and Approval Management

Speed up and standardize document routing processes by capturing signatures electronically. Plus, save time and paper along the way.

Save time and paper by capturing signatures and managing approvals electronically.

Gain oversight of document approvals and ensure only authorized individuals can view documents.

Fast-track your approval processes by letting your solution route your documents for you.

Stop “Babysitting” Your Documents

Speedy document approvals and electronic signature capture pleases this business team

Many businesses need to capture signatures for internal approval processes, customer agreement processes, or both.

Internal approval processes often require documents to be approved with signatures, which is why an approval process can often remain an outlier to your company’s paperless strategy. This is because when it’s time to get a signature on a document, you need to print the document, physically track down the person who needs to sign and approve it, and then scan the document back into your system to return it to a digital state.

What’s worse, this paper-based routing process is difficult to enforce. Who’s tracking down the person who needs to sign the document? Where does the document go next? How do you know whether the document has made it all the way to the end of the approval line? Such a process can only be enforced if someone takes ownership of it—and that someone has better things to do than babysit the document.

Even with a “babysitter,” once a document is in paper form, it becomes difficult to truly control. If it’s left on someone’s desk as it routes, it could be viewed by an unauthorized person—or simply lost along the way. Either way, the paper seriously slows down your approval process.

When it comes to capturing signatures for a customer agreement process, many companies have made steps towards electronic signature capture. However, many older signature capture software applications are outdated, unreliable, or lack the ability to fully integrate with a company’s existing applications or systems. That's why you need document approval solution with digital signature capabilities. 

“In the past, the application we used broke down a lot and we had to run around to get it working again, and often we had to revert to paper documents. Now that we have a HelpSystems signature capture solution, it always stays up and available.”

John Forelli
Vice President of IT
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Three Steps to Faster Approvals

  1. Digitize your documents and get rid of the paper. 
  2. Route documents electronically—and allow digital signatures (pin or wet).
  3. Enforce timely approvals, so you're never left wondering where your document is. 

Automate Approvals with Electronic Signatures

HelpSystems Signature Capture software helps organizations running on Windows and/or IBM i. With this document approval software, you can swiftly capture signatures and automate approval processes.