Automated Process & Workflow Management

Business processes like approval routing take no time with workflow management solutions

Automated Process and Workflow Management

Speed up routing processes, streamline data entry, and boost productivity with an automated process and workflow management solution.

Save time by gaining visibility over your routing processes and eliminating the document chase.

Automate workflows by electronically routing documents from person to person.

Reduce the risk of human error in data entry and the risk of lost, misplaced, or stolen documents.

Where Your Processes Go Wrong

A businesswoman boosts her efficiency with process and workflow management

No matter the industry, every organization has processes and workflows that need to be managed.

These might be approval processes for documents (i.e., invoices). Or they might be data entry processes for forms (i.e., health records). When these processes and workflows are managed manually, they tend to slow everything down.

Approval processes require someone to spend his or her time overseeing a document as it routes from person to person. But what happens when someone on the approval process isn’t at his or her desk? The document has to be left behind, in the hopes that it will be seen and approved by the MIA employee. In actuality, it could easily be lost or simply neglected and cause a delay in the approval process.

Data entry processes require an employee to dedicate time manually entering data from a paper form into the company’s system. This consumes time that the employee might spend on a more important task and creates inefficiency in the workflow. Plus, there’s a chance that data could be interpreted or entered incorrectly.

Time, accuracy, and documents are lost when your organization follows manual processes.

Get them back by automating your document processes and workflows.

“With all of the documents flowing in, it’s easy for me to route them to the right people, without the need for any programming. That’s very helpful.”

Catherine Wilson
Manager of Processing for Graduate and Professional Programs
Ontario Universities' Application Centre

Your Three Biggest Problems—And How to Solve Them

  1. Your workflow is making you work too hard.
  2. Manual data entry is a drag.
  3. Paper is piling up everywhere—and you're buried under it. 

Automate Document Routing and Data Entry Today

Isn't it about time you simplified your workflow management processes? HelpSystems Process and Workflow Management helps organizations running on Windows and/or IBM i. With this workflow management software, you can automate processes like data entry and document routing without lifting a finger.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Start by reading The Document Management Guide for more information on automated processes and workflows.