Document Distribution

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Document Distribution

Send files and reports quickly and easily with a document distribution solution. Plus, eliminate unnecessary steps and automate repeat distributions.

Boost efficiency in your distribution process by consolidating steps for document routing and delivery.

Save time by automating repeat distributions, like month-end or quarterly reports.

Reduce your margin for error by replacing your multi-step distribution process with single-step delivery.

Rethink Your Multi-Step Delivery Processes

A businesswoman saves time by distributing documents digitally

Many organizations have ditched the paper in favor of electronic distribution solutions. However, with the wrong document distribution solution, there are still far too many unwieldy steps in the process of sending documents and reports. The reason? Too many document distribution solutions can’t multi-task: they can only distribute a document in only one method at a time.

For instance, in order to send the same invoice as an email to your boss, a fax to your client, and a PDF to your document management system, you need to go through a separate task and action for each one. This is incredibly inefficient and weighs down far too much of your time.

In addition to the inability to multi-task, many document distribution solutions are limited by what type of files they can deliver. This is especially true when it comes to distributing files across platforms (for instance, Windows and IBM i). With many solutions, you need a separate tool and task for each platform, complicating your process.

Even more unnecessary time is added to your plate when it comes to routinely repeated distributions. For example, each month you might need to create a month-end report and distribute it (by email, fax, FTP, etc.) to the same list of people each time. Inefficient document distribution solutions require you to do this manually every single month, instead of allowing you to create a rule to automate the delivery of that particular file.

With so many steps to get your documents and reports where they need to go, the likelihood of an error throwing off your process and potentially ruining your document/report goes up exponentially. For instance, due to human error, a document/report could be sent to the wrong place—or one of the places it needs to be sent to could be forgotten entirely.

“Prior to HelpSystems, if a customer called and wanted a copy of a bill of lading, we’d have to shuffle though boxes and boxes of shipping documents to find it, make a copy, send it to the customer, and then put it back in the box. Now, you just enter the invoice number, call up the bill of lading, email it right from the software, and you’re done.”

Diane Sublett
Director of IT
ITW Filtertek

Get Single-Step Document and Report Distribution

HelpSystems Document Distribution helps organizations running on Windows and/or IBM i. With this document distribution software, you can deliver documents and reports from any business system in a single step.

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