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Accelerate processes with a document distribution system

Document Creation and Distribution Software

With a unified document creation and document distribution solution, you can quickly and easily design your documents and route them in the right formats to the right people.

Save time by generating, routing, and delivering professional documents in fewer steps.

Reduce margin for error by replacing multi-step processes with a single step.

Automate document distributions, like month-end or quarterly reports.

You Need

Integrate document distribution

To not only connect to but integrate with your ERP and other business systems.

Streamline document distribution

To eliminate clunky, multi-step processes for document distribution and to reduce human error.

Get the flexibility for document creation and distribution that you need

To have flexibility to set up rules for document distribution based on your organization's needs.

Start Simplifying

Streamline Document Processes

Eliminate your reliance on costly, unwieldy pre-printed forms and sending out multiple types of files separately. Design professional documents and assemble your files of any type into a single file for simple distribution.

Speed Up Processes While Improving Quality

The right solution makes designing, modifying, and distributing electronic forms and documents a simple and speedy process. Assemble documents or packets in one click, then use automated rules to send your reports to the designated recipients at the designated time.

Centralize Data from Any Platform or Database

Create documents from data on multiple databases and systems, including ERP. Use any type of file—including IBM i spooled files, Windows files, PDFs, and more—to easily format data and merge into a document ready to deliver.

Reduce Margin for Error

Use a document distribution system to consolidate the steps of your process. Send the same document/report to every recipient it needs to go to in one simple action. Simplifying to a one-step process that satisfies the requirements of each recipient significantly reduces your organization's margin for error.

Boost Employee Productivity

With the right solution for document creation and document distribution, your organization won't have to waste employee time on performing inefficient, manual steps in outdated forms processes. Instead, an automated solution makes producing, assembling, and distributing professional documents and electronic forms quick and easy. 

“The software gives the IT department a way to make processes more efficient. If we didn’t have this tool, we’d be doing a lot of stuff manually. HelpSystems came up to bat and hit a home run.”

IT Manager
Major Steel Supplier

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HelpSystems document creation software and document distribution solutions help organizations running on Windows and/or IBM i. With smart document creation software, you can generate and deliver professional documents and electronic forms quickly and easily.

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