Executive Dashboards & Reporting

A CEO analyzes key business data in executive dashboards

Executive Dashboards and Reporting

See data clearly. Assess trends, analyze business information, and distribute data reports with an executive dashboards and reporting solution.

Spot data trends with visual representations of data in graphs, tables, and more in dashboards.

Easily understand live data with sophisticated reports that detail up-to-the-minute information.

Alleviate IT burdens by empowering users with intuitive data access.

Remove the Barriers to Data Analysis

Data analysis and reporting is easy for this executive team

Data analysis and reporting is a scary concept for too many organizations. It’s traditionally up to IT to access and deliver information to users. But, it often takes far too much time to gather, assess, and distribute information that everyday users will understand.

Unfortunately, without an executive dashboards and reporting solution, organizations don’t have much choice. The green screen traditionally used for data access creates a barrier for non-technical users. Discerning trends from looking at data that’s detailed in rows and columns is difficult. And pulling together a report with such a solution is incredibly time-consuming—plus, the end-result is often outdated before it’s completed.

Business users and executives want real-time information they can depend on, and they want it delivered quickly in formats they understand.

“One of the biggest benefits of Sequel is the fast turnaround on reports it gives us. My background is as an RPG programmer, but for 90% of the things I do, I use Sequel because it’s faster. It takes me a quarter of the time.”

Alan Boulee
Senior Programming Analyst
Fremont Insurance