Enterprise Data Access

A business analysis team discusses the real-time data delivered by their enterprise data access solution

Enterprise Data Access

Simplify data access, analysis, and distribution and make it intuitive for everyone—from business users to IT—with an enterprise data access solution.

Simplify data access for any type of user, eliminating the need for IT to handle all requests for data.

Easily access remote data from any database, at any geographic location, to get the full picture from one source.

Streamline data analysis by delivering data in flexible formats, so anyone can understand it.

Stop Struggling with Traditional Data Access Tools

Business users look beyond traditional data access tools to make life easier

In order to be successful, organizations need to understand data. Data makes it possible to take the temperature of the business and determine what is working—and what isn’t. But traditional methods of accessing, analyzing, and distributing data are outdated and frequently plagued with problems.

With many older data access solutions, accessing data is difficult, and IT staff are often the only ones in an organization with the technical understanding to use them. When IT does use a traditional solution, it frequently takes far too long to access data—and it’s often impossible to access data that is stored on non-IBM i databases. This can often build up a backlog of data access requests.

Once the data is passed off to an everyday user or executive, it can be difficult to understand. A traditional solution doesn’t make it easy to turn data into relevant information. Plus, traditional solutions limit the formats that data can be delivered in. For instance, a user may want data in Microsoft Excel—but it takes hours to output data to Excel with an outdated solution.

Data access shouldn’t be this difficult.

“Sequel is so much more user friendly. Sequel’s GUI is much better than the old IBM Query/400 green screen. Everything is right there. You see the big picture—your joins, your files and fields, and your expressions—right there in front of you.”

Cameron Glenn
Senior Accounting Officer
MainSource Financial Group

Data Access, Analysis, and Distribution—Made Easy

Sequel Data Access is business intelligence software for users working on IBM i. With Sequel, it’s easy for any type of user—IT, executive, or business—to access, analyze, and distribute data.