Find Your iSeries Data Warehousing Solution
Corporate leaders breathe easily knowing a data warehousing solution keeps their information safe

Data Warehousing

Make IBM i data management easy. Ensure data quality and accuracy with a data warehousing solution. Plus, consolidate and easily interpret complex data from any database on your IBM i.

Eliminate data errors by consolidating data across databases.

Easily interpret complex data by running it through a data warehouse.

Secure your data and protect it from user-induced errors.

Eliminate Data Errors and Solve the Bad Data Problem

Your data centers are growing. Choose data warehousing solutions to manage big data.

Data is constantly growing, and your organization’s data is no exception. But as data gets bigger, it becomes more complex and difficult to manage.

Practices that used to be sufficient in the past, like depending on a front-end query and reporting tool alone, may no longer be enough. While you can continue report on your data as it grows, one crucial component might be missing: data quality.

As data grows more complex, the risk of developing data errors grows, too.

Bad data may find its way into your reporting and lead your organization down the path of poor decision-making. Even if bad data is detected before it impacts reporting, it still leads to time (needlessly) wasted correcting it—especially when the data should have been accurate to begin with.

Without a data warehousing solution, it can also be challenging to navigate multiple databases and understand them well enough to access and accurately interpret data.

Plus, without a data warehouse controlling your data, it can be difficult to strike a balance between giving users the data they need and keeping data secure.

“We have to look at return on investment in everything we do. If we were using a toolset that required three programmers to do what one business user can do with Sequel Data Warehouse, then that return would no longer be there.”

Eddie Urfer
Director of Data Analytics

Why Banks are Turning to Data Warehousing for Insight

Many industries can benefit from implementing data warehousing. In banking, data warehouses provide ways to gain insight into customer trends and historical data. 

Ensure Data Accuracy and Simplify Data Management

Sequel Data Warehouse, powered by RODIN, is the industry-leading tool for building and managing data warehouses and data marts on the IBM i platform.

This AS/400 data warehousing software provides all of the tools you need for successful data warehousing, including sophisticated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), change data capture, data quality management, event notifications and error reporting, and more.

Plus, Sequel Data Warehouse can be easily integrated with your existing front-end query and reporting tool.

Sneak Peek: Sequel Data Warehouse


What does Sequel Data Warehouse look like? Watch this four-minute demo to get your first taste.

In this demo, Senior Development Manager Alan Jordan walks you through basic functions of the product:

  • The development client
  • How to make a change to an ETL process and load it to a summary table
  • And more

Then, request your personalized demo to learn how Sequel Data Warehouse will help you meet your iSeries data warehousing needs.