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Intelligent Document Processing

Maximize the value of RPA with intelligent process automation

What Is Intelligent Document Processing?

Intelligent document processing (IDP) leverages unassisted machine learning and AI to extract data across all types of documents as they enter your organization—making that data usable across your business. IDP streamlines manual processes and eliminates costly steps like document classification, manual data entry, and document analysis.

A critical part of intelligent automation, IDP enhances robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, helping you maintain control of information with more speed and accuracy, especially in mortgage processing, sales order processing, or invoice processing. 

How Does Intelligent Document Processing Work?

Intelligent document processing calls upon unassisted machine learning algorithms that enable automatic self-learning for previously unseen documents. This means IDP learns which document information to capture, getting smarter and more accurate over time. Combining this with a robust classification and categorization engine that leverages AI ensures rapid document processing, enabling you to avoid manual data entry, decrease errors, and easily manage document volume. Intelligent document processing properly channels documents and forms, and allows you to easily output images and data to your ECM or line-of-business application for processing.

Intelligent Automation Makes Sense of All Data Types

Delivering on the promise of digital transformation with an intelligent automation platform requires the ability to harness both structured and unstructured data. But not all data is created the same. Traditional robotic process automation excels at processing structured data, while intelligent document processing tackles unstructured or semi-structured data. Together, RPA and IDP empower organizations to apply the best in intelligent automation to solve some of the biggest document processing challenges in business today. 


Structured Data

Structured data is organized, clearly defined, and searchable, but represents only about 20 percent of the data in each company. Robotic process automation (RPA) excels at structured or quantitative data automation.

Unstructured Data

More than 80 percent of all data within organizations is unstructured. Unstructured data is typically qualitative. It is difficult to interpret and analyze because it has no pre-defined structure. 

The Advantage of Unassisted Machine Learning


The key to unleashing the true power of RPA is through unassisted machine learning that can harness both structured or unstructured data. Intelligent document processing automatically learns data fields on forms by using custom machine learning algorithms without endless hours of building templates. This allows for fast setup of previously unseen forms because the system is learning which document information to capture, getting smarter and better over time. Out of the box, organizations see 70 percent automation, and within just weeks of learning, automation is at more than 95 percent. 

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What Business Processes Benefit Most from Intelligent Document Processing?

Claims Processing Automation

Invoice Processing

Reduce delays and errors for processing invoices by eliminating manual data entry. Improve vendor relationships, save time, and ensure resources spend time on value-added tasks.
Accounts Payable Automation

Sales Order Processing

Streamline and accelerate sales order processing. Increase efficiency and reduce costs for order processing, customer service, and document archiving.

Key Features of Our Intelligent Document Processing Solution

Intelligent Data Capture


Automate Intelligent Capture, our intelligent document processing solution, helps eliminate labor intensive, error prone, and time-consuming forms processing. By capturing forms as they arrive in your organization from a scanner, email or monitored folder, forms are automatically sorted based on patterns, appearances, and text into specific document classes for extraction.

Artificial Intelligence & Unassisted Machine Learning


Our IDP solution relies on machine learning that ensures continuous self-learning of all types of documents, even those that have not been captured before. Plus our powerful classification and categorization engine leverages artificial intelligence to ensure fast document processing across your organization.

Automatic Data Extraction and Routing


With our solution, you can reduce manual data entry between 60 to 90 percent by automatically extracting relevant data fields based on form type. Data can be extracted from machine printed forms or even barcodes. Route forms electronically with our ability to easily output images and data to the correct applications for processing. 

See Intelligent Document Processing in Action

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