Network Mapping

Network Mapping

See your entire network environment in real-time.

What is Network Mapping?

Network mapping is a tool that lets you discover and visualize the physical and virtual equipment in your IT network, whether SNMP, Layer 2, Layer 3, and more. Network mapping software can give you key network performance insights such as device status, physical connections, traffic metrics, and more so you can troubleshoot issues faster and maximize uptime.

What are the Benefits of Network Mapping?

Network mapping solutions are designed to help you map all the devices in your network so you don’t have to waste time manually creating (or updating) network diagrams.

With network mapping software, you can:

Benefits of Network Mapping

Maintain End-to-End Device Performance

Network maps make seeing the big picture of your network easier so you can maintain availability and prevent business-critical issues.

See Live Network Data

Data updates in real time so you know how devices are performing now instead of an hour ago.

Troubleshoot Issues Faster

With a bird’s-eye view of your network, you can easily map your network to identify the location of a problematic device and quickly form a plan to mitigate.

Choosing the Right Network Mapping Software

The right network mapping tool should give you a comprehensive view of your network devices—and more. As you consider your options, these are some of the most important mapping-related features to keep in mind.

Live, dynamic snapshots of your network's health

Autodiscovery of devices as they join your network

Ability to export maps to Visio and other formats

Layer 2 and 3 network mapping capabilities

How to Map a Network

Creating a network map isn’t as difficult as you might expect. Learn how to create your own network map in just five easy steps.

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