Implementation Services

Product Training from Automation Experts

Automate Schedule implementation services help you with all phases of Automate Schedule, from initial product implementation to fine-tuning your setup and advanced features. We'll work with you by phone, online, or in person to implement Skybot Scheduler using your actual data and systems. We can help you:

  • Perform the initial product installation and setup to get off to a good start.
  • Examine specific job setups and discuss ways to make them better.
  • Analyze your environment to get the most out of Automate Schedule.
  • Answer questions about advanced product features.
  • Update Automate Schedule to the latest versions
  • Any specific training you need

Online and Phone Consulting

When we consult using the internet and phone, we use WebEx* to dial into your system so we can look at the same screens together and discuss them. When we consult in person, we use your systems to train and hold classes specific to your company.

To learn more, email our Services Coordinator, or complete our services proposal request form.

*WebEx software combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing so that everyone sees the same thing while we interact. It’s an easy way to share ideas and work together, anywhere.

On-Site Training

Can't get away from the office for training? Need to train lots of people on Automate Schedule? Bring our training to your site! Our expert trainers can provide on-site training that is specific to your needs and environment. We'll bring an instructor and course material right to your workplace. With on-site training we can:

  • Train a group of people, large or small
  • Tailor the training to your goals
  • Schedule the training for when it suits you

Just tell us your goals and your needs, and we'll develop an on-site training proposal for you. Once you approve the proposal, we'll schedule the training based on mutually agreed dates.

Note: On-site training is a popular option that tends to be booked well in advance, so begin the process now for a wider choice of dates.


Weekday training is $2,250 per day, plus all expenses of the trainer.

Evening or weekend training is $2,750 per day, plus all expenses of the trainer.

Learn More

To learn more call 800-328-1000, email our Services Coordinator complete the services proposal request form.