ShowCase 9: Education

Are you looking for ways to better utilize ShowCase 9? Whether you’re looking for online, in-person, or one-on-one training, ShowCase offers a full spectrum of training and implementation services to meet your needs.


Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

These live, instructor-led classes offer concept lectures, demonstrations, exercises, and hands-on activities. Find upcoming classes >

Introduction to ShowCase Query

This introductory class provides comprehensive end user training for ShowCase Query. Topics include: basic query building, running queries, creating joins, adding variables and prompts, formatting data into reports, and more.

Prerequisite: An understanding of Microsoft Windows and the purpose of a query product. Experience with Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 is helpful.

Length: 2 days | Cost: $4,500

Availability: Online or at your site

ShowCase Report Writer

This class provides comprehensive training for ShowCase Report Writer. Topics include: columnar reports, cross-tab reports, form reports, label reports, and report enhancements (charts and graphs).

Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction to ShowCase Query or equivalent experience and an understanding of Microsoft Windows.

Length: 1 day | Cost: $2,250 per day

Availability: Online or at your site

ShowCase Advanced Query

This class begins with a discussion of the ShowCase environment and the connectivity required for accessing a database on IBM i. Defining expressions and building complex conditions with SQL are discussed. Extensive time is spent using the Query add-ins with Microsoft Excel. Students will also learn how to work with Structured Query Language (SQL) to create sub-selects and unions.

Prerequisite: Completion of ShowCase Query or ShowCase Report Writer or equivalent experience.

Length: 2 days | Cost: $4,500

Availability: online or at your site

ShowCase Warehouse Manager

This class provides comprehensive technical training on the Warehouse Manager product and the data views function in Query. Topics include: using Warehouse Manager for managing server options and settings, creating and managing IBM i user profiles, setting security to control access, running pre-built ShowCase reports, editing ShowCase Suite usage, and more.

Prerequisite: Experience with IBM i relational database architecture and Microsoft-based applications.

Length: 1 day | Cost: $2,250 per day

Availability: Online or at your site

ShowCase Warehouse Builder

This class provides technical training for Warehouse Builder. Emphasis is placed on the creation of data distribution definitions and the execution of distribution sets for building a relational data warehouse. The use of a star schema structure to define the data warehouse is also explained.

Prerequisite: Relational database file structure, SQL, and Microsoft Windows experience. Experience with either ShowCase Query or Report Writer is strongly recommended.

Length: 1 day |Cost: $2,250 per day

Availability: Online or at your site

Additional Workshop Day*

Enhance your training experience by adding an additional day of customized activities and using your own data with expert guidance.

Length: 1 day | Cost: $1,125 per day

Availability: At your site

*An additional workshop day must be purchased with an training course at your site

One-on-One Consulting

One-on-One Consulting

On-Demand Consultations

Need some helping setting up and using ShowCase 9 on your systems with your actual data? We’ll work with you at your site in your environment or over the phone (or WebEx) to create, maintain, and improve your ShowCase reports, dashboards, and warehouse tools.


On-Demand Mentoring

Mentoring On-Demand is the ShowCase version of á la carte training. Whether you’re having a specific issue with Query or Report Writer, or you need some guidance on implementing features of Warehouse Manager, Mentoring On-Demand can be tailored to you. Each session includes demonstration, discussion, and lab time. Mentoring On-Demand can be conveniently scheduled for a single customer with a limited class size (1 or 2 students).

Cost: Call 800-328-1000 for pricing

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