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Role Swap Testing

When you have a high availability solution in your DR toolkit, our experts can help you make sure the switch to your backup box goes smoothly.

Prove Your High Availability Configuration Is Complete

Your high availability solution is only as solid as your ability to do a role swap. Sure, you might be replicating data to your recovery site in real time, but you can’t be certain that you are ready to make a successful switch unless you test.

When it comes to role swaps, there are other factors to consider outside of your high availability solution, not the least of which being your business-critical applications. You must be certain that these applications will work as expected in the new environment.

Our experts know every step you need to take to ensure a successful role swap using Robot HA or another replication tool. They’ll help you ensure that business can continue as quickly as possible from your backup box and make recommendations on how you can improve future tests.

Experts Insight on Compliance Requirements

Having a high availability solution means you must comply with certain audit regulations. When your auditor requires proof that your data is available and recoverable, you want to be certain that you can provide it or face fines and worse.

Meet Recovery Time Objectives

How much time should it take to recover after an outage? Your recovery time objective (RTO) will tell you. Whether your company’s rule expects you to recover within minutes or hours, testing your role swap with an expert will help you reach that goal to get business back on track faster than ever.

Meet Recovery Point Objectives

When was the last time your replication ran? Was it an hour ago? Was it yesterday? How much data would you lose if disaster strikes tonight—and can you afford to lose data? Role swap testing exposes how much data you might lose in a disaster. Our experts will help you take steps to add extra coverage and minimize the business impact.

What Does Role Swap Testing Involve?

Whether your IBM i high availability solution is Robot HA or another replication tool, our experts will help ensure your switch goes smoothly. HelpSystems Role Swap Testing includes a variety of activities, such as:

Discussing existing replication issues

Planning for your role swap test

Assisting during the live role swap

Executing your role swap scripts

Recapping the results of the role swap

Providing feedback for future tests

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