Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster Recovery Testing

No matter where your backup media lives, our experts can lead you through a live recovery test.

Prove Your DR Plan Works Before Disaster Strikes

The only way to validate your backup strategy is to put your disaster recovery plan to the test. No matter where your data lives—ATL, VTL, Silo, tape—testing your backups is a must. Yet, many organizations never test their backups because they don’t know how and even simulating a disaster makes them nervous.

Luckily, this is one test you don’t have to waste time cramming for. With HelpSystems on your side, disaster recovery testing is open-book! Our experts will review your disaster recovery procedures and assist during your live DR tests so you can rest assured that it was done right. Following the test, we’ll provide a recap and make recommendations on how you can improve future tests.

Prepare for Faster Recovery

When disaster strikes, your business stops. The longer your systems stay down, the costlier the outage—both in terms of money and your IT team’s reputation. Tapping the experts to help you test your disaster recovery plan puts you in position to get business users back on track in a shorter amount of time.

Reduce Risk of Data Loss

When was the last time you backed up? Was it last night or last week? How much data would you lose if disaster strikes tonight—and can you afford it? Disaster recovery testing exposes how much data you might lose in a disaster. Our experts will help you take steps to add extra coverage and minimize the business impact.

Improve Recovery Processes

Even though business users might be out of commission when disaster strikes, your IT team kicks it into high gear—putting in extra hours to get things up and running again. A disaster recovery test is just practice for the real deal. If your team has already smoothed out the wrinkles under expert guidance, the process of recovering from a real disaster will be smooth sailing.

What Does Disaster Recovery Testing Involve?

Each disaster recovery (DR) plan is unique to the business it is meant to protect. That’s why our experts take the time to understand your needs before providing feedback. Disaster Recovery Testing includes a variety of activities, such as:

Coming onsite to see your data center

Discussing existing backup issues

Planning for your DR test

Assisting during the live DR test

Recapping the results of the test

Providing feedback for future tests

Meet Your Business Continuity Experts

Debbie Saugen

The HelpSystems team is led by Debbie Saugen, who is recognized worldwide as an expert on IBM i backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and high availability. In her career, Debbie has served as the Technical Owner of IBM i Backup/Recovery and as the IBM i National Lead for IBM Resiliency Services. She is also a COMMON Gold Medal Speaker.

Whether you’re just getting started with business continuity for IBM i or you already have software solutions in place, Debbie and the rest of our team can provide the attention and expertise your system needs so you don’t have to.

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