Business Continuity Architecture

Eliminate recovery risks with a re-architected business continuity plan designed by IBM i experts to meet your unique needs.

Let Us Architect Your Business Continuity Plan

Creating a plan to address your business continuity insecurities requires expertise, time, and resources. It’s no surprise that many businesses feel they have a significant knowledge gap when it comes to creating a solid business continuity plan—much less the time and in-house expertise to do it right.

HelpSystems experts know how to develop a detailed plan to address the unique needs of your organization and industry based on best practices. We begin by conducting a Backup and Recovery Assessment. Then, we work together to re-architect your business continuity strategy while educating your team on backup, disaster recovery, and high availability concepts along the way.

Craft a Plan That Works

Without an expert, it’s easy for companies to create incomplete backup and recovery plans. HelpSystems experts have years of experience, so you can trust us to help you develop a solid plan for rolling out the necessary changes to your backup and recovery configuration and procedures.

Achieve Better RTO and RPO

Being pressured to implement better recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) is hard when you have limited knowledge of backup and recovery technology. Our consultants will take the lead, guiding you through a thorough business continuity architecture process where we investigate backup and recovery alternatives and newer technologies to reduce downtime and improve data recovery.

Build a Foundation for Future Success

Our experts educate your staff in backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and high availability best practices and provide training so your team will be fully prepared to maintain your business continuity plan moving forward.

What Does Business Continuity Architecture Include?

Our experts will design a backup and recovery, disaster recovery, or high availability strategy based on the unique needs of your business. This service includes a variety of activities, such as:

Assessing your backup and recovery practices

Discussing existing issues

Identifying acceptable risks

Investigating technology options to improve RTO and RPO

Developing a remediation plan

Educating your staff while they implement the plan

Meet Your Business Continuity Experts

Debbie Saugen

The HelpSystems team is led by Debbie Saugen, who is recognized worldwide as an expert on IBM i backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and high availability. In her career, Debbie has served as the Technical Owner of IBM i Backup/Recovery and as the IBM i National Lead for IBM Resiliency Services. She is also a COMMON Gold Medal Speaker.

Whether you’re just getting started with business continuity for IBM i or you already have software solutions in place, Debbie and the rest of our team can provide the attention and expertise your system needs so you don’t have to.

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