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How to Grow Your Business With Mobile Document Management

August 11, 2016

Switching to browser-based, digital forms and document management is a strategic business move that aligns with the desire and ability of today's workforce to work remotely from a variety of devices. Implementing mobile document management not only gives your employees the freedom to work remotely, but also empowers them to digitally manage information, make decisions, and approve deals more quickly. This has the potential to streamline your business processes and boost productivity across the board—no matter where your employees are physically located.

Benefits of Going Mobile

There are several ways switching from manual, paper-based document management to digital, mobile document management can benefit your company. Overall, by providing employees access to a centralized, browser-based repository, you streamline business processes and maximize efficiencies. Here are three core benefits to implementing a mobile document management system that can be accessed from any physical location:

Boosts Productivity

Paper-based document management processes are sluggish at best and cause major bottlenecks in your workflow, misplaced information, and lost business at worst. Deploying a mobile document management solution can remedy this inefficiency and increase productivity across the board. When your team can use, access, and share key business documents from anywhere, they are able to get more work done and collaborate more easily. Giving your team the freedom and flexibility to digitally manage documents from any location allows them to complete their work no matter what life throws at them. They won’t require a specific paper file at the office to complete a task because every document and report is managed from the same digital repository.

Speeds up Approval Processes

Getting documents approved on time isn’t just good business—it’s cost-efficient and saves you time. When you fail to pay invoices on time, for example, you can incur late fees or fines. It also creates bottlenecks in your business processes; one delayed approval can stall the impending approval of countless others. With mobile document management, managers, executives, or global partners don’t even need to be in the office to sign off on documents; they can use digital signature capture to apply their John Hancock from anywhere at any time. This allows everyone to get more work done at a quicker pace. Say goodbye to bottlenecks in your workflow.

Increases Flexibility and Improves Performance

The ability to work from anywhere means that your whole team can collaborate on projects no matter where they are. Remote or international employees can view, modify, or approve documents on-the-go, even in different time zones, when urgency is of the essence. This flexibility not only makes employees happy, but allows deadlines to be met more consistently, knowing that any employee at any remote location can approve or sign a deal when it needs to get done.

Factors to Consider When Implementing Mobile Document Management

As with any new technological implementation, care must be taken to make sure the new system is actually improving your business processes and making your organization more efficient. Here are two things to consider when implementing mobile document management at your organization:


Mobile document management allows for increased remote access. With remote access, of course, comes an ever-increasing need for security. The easier it is for your team to get information, after all, the easier it may be for cyber-attacks or data breaches to occur. For this reason, it’s important to implement a mobile document management software with tight security measures. Software that can control who has access to any particular document at departmental, sub-group, or even document-type levels is considered a best practice.


When considering a document management software with mobile capabilities, it’s important to choose a solution that can be implemented in phases, starting with the department that can most benefit from what the software has to offer. Especially in the busy fields of AP or HR, a layered approach to implementing mobile document management or automation is critical to your organization’s success so as not to cause hiccups or errors. 

Mobile Document Management Solutions from RJS

When searching for the best mobile document management software, the RJS suite of products should be at the top of your list. With products offering digital forms and document management, digital signature capture, automated report monitoring and delivery, you can boost productivity, speed up approval processes, and actually increase the level of security around your sensitive business information.

If your documents and files sit in a filing cabinet, they’re susceptible not only to natural elements (fires, flooding) but human error. The time spent tracking down misplaced files turns into lost hours and bottlenecks in your workflow. Employees that must track down a fellow co-worker for a signature or approval also spend countless hours trying to receive this approval manually, which is inefficient and frustrating. Productivity decreases, business processes are stalled, and as a result, business growth isn’t possible.

Why WebDocs Works

These stagnant, manual processes don’t have to become your business’s reality. With a browser-based and mobile-ready document management solution like WebDocs, you can boost productivity and maximize efficiency by empowering your employees to digitally manage information from anywhere, at any time.

WebDocs is a complete document management solution that captures, stores, and routes your key business content. With WebDocs, you can manage all kinds of electronic documents: IBM i/iSeries spooled files, PC and business system generated content, invoices, work orders, purchase agreements, email, forms, and more.

With this increased flexibility and access, WebDocs is not without advanced security measures and version and tracking controls, which not only provide a clear audit trail of who has done what when, but also prevent employees from accessing information they shouldn’t be privy to. With WebDocs document management software, you can control who has access to any particular document at departmental, sub-group, or even document-type levels.

When you use software from RJS, you can also rest assured that any new technological implementation at your organization is taken seriously. We believe in a layered approach to automation and going paperless, which continues to set your business up for success long after we’ve installed our software.

To see what digital document management can do for you, request a free demo of WebDocs or one of our other core products that manage the entire lifecycle of your business data. 


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