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Case Study

How Decatur City Schools Manages Their Growing Network with Intermapper

Through the years, there have been a lot of network changes at Decatur City Schools, a school district located in north Alabama. But one thing has remained constant, their reliance on Intermapper, the network monitoring solution from HelpSystems. “Before Intermapper, we didn’t have any insight into what was up and what was down,” said Gary Cloer, Decatur City Schools network specialist. “We were...
Case Study

Alaska Communications Reaches New Heights with Network Monitoring from Intermapper

Alaska Communications is an internet service provider (ISP) supporting communications infrastructure in Alaska. Their team provides critical network services to customers—oftentimes, in remote locations. The company was in the midst of developing plans for a new site—one which was located on a mountaintop. With this remote site, they knew they were in for an uphill battle regarding maintenance and...
On-Demand Webinar

When JDBC/ODBC Jobs Attack Your IBM i

Don’t let QZDASOINIT jobs put a stranglehold on system resources while you fly blind. Get to the bottom of job performance issues faster with Robot Monitor. Watch now!

Which IBM i Data Access Tool is Right for You?

Data access software is essential today to both technical users—like your IT team—and business users—like everyone else. Query/400 has long been the go-to for IBM i data access. It’s been around for over 30 years, but the tool hasn’t advanced with changes in technology. That’s where modern data access tools like Sequel have the advantage. But how do you really know which data access tool is right...

IPv6 Transition Survey Results

Are IT pros already making the transition to IPv6? Should you? Now that the IPv4 address space has been depleted, every business will eventually be forced to make the switch to IPv6. In early 2017, we asked over 100 IT pros to share how their IPv6 transition is coming along. Here’s what we learned: Only 10% of organizations surveyed have deployed IPv6 Service providers will lead the charge to...

What IT Leaders Need to Know About Education Technology

How IT Professionals Can Champion EdTech to Impact Student Success Technology in education is rising, and the possibilities to enhance student learning with digital tools are endless. How can IT professionals get the budget and buy-in you need to implement new EdTech initiatives, all while maintaining a healthy network that can grow and scale to support whatever new technology you introduce? In...

Which Network Monitoring Tool is Right for You?

Use this interactive checklist to conduct a network monitoring tools comparison with Intermapper and other solutions. Comparing network monitoring tools can be tricky. Network managers at organizations of all sizes trust Intermapper to provide the real-time knowledge they need to maintain a healthy network. What’s more, Intermapper is a vendor-agnostic solution that works across multiple platforms...

The Query Decision-Making Kit

Is Query/400 still cutting it? Probably not. You’ve most likely heard that there are other data access tools out there, but you might not be sure which one is right for you—or even if it’s the right time to upgrade. The Query Decision-Making Kit can help. For starters, you want data access to be simple, no matter your skill level. You want the option to view visual data in real-time, access data...