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Datasheet (Monitoring)

Intermapper Remote Access

Intermapper Remote Access extends the reach of Intermapper by giving you and your staff access to maps, submaps, and configuration options, regardless of your location.
Datasheet (Monitoring)

Intermapper App for Splunk Enterprise

If you need proactive network monitoring and visual mapping, Intermapper will give you real-time knowledge of your network, affordably and with seamless integration into Splunk.
Datasheet (Monitoring)

Automate for Intermapper

Combine the power of Intermapper alerts and Automate scripts to implement manual activities for you.
Datasheet (Compliance)

Powertech Antivirus

Powertech Antivirus offers the power and protection of the industry-leading McAfee scan engine while supporting the specific features of your operating systems.
Datasheet (Automation)

Automate Schedule: SAP Background Processing Integration

Automate Schedule's SAP-certified interface allows you to schedule real-time, event-driven SAP tasks in response to critical business events—and do it using a central interface, on any web browser, from anywhere.
Datasheet (Automation)

Automate Schedule: Integrating Informatica Workflows

The benefit of scheduling Informatica workflows with an enterprise job scheduler like Automate Schedule means that you no longer need to monitor your Informatica workflows for completion.
Datasheet (Business Intelligence)

Sequel Data Access

Sequel Data Access helps your IT department deliver IBM i and remote data to business users and executives fast.
Datasheet (Optimization)

Robot HA

Robot HA is a software-based high availability solution that allows you to replicate your important data and keep business running even when your production environment goes down.
Datasheet (Monitoring)

MQ Manager

MQ Manager continuously and automatically monitors the seven key components of IBM MQ in order to ensure the flow of data is not disrupted, prevent costly downtime, free up IT resources and reduce operational cost.
Datasheet (Monitoring)

Network Server Suite

Network Server Suite provides comprehensive monitoring and automation for Windows, AIX/VIOS, and Linux servers and SNMP devices.
Datasheet (Automation)

Automate Excel Action

Automate can drastically reduce the time required to complete an entire Excel process, while also eliminating errors.
Datasheet (Business Intelligence)

Insite Analytics

Insite dashboards bring together all your IT and business data into a single pane of glass. Query any data source and place a corresponding chart, table, or graph on a dashboard.
Datasheet (Automation)

SharePoint Administration with Automate

Automate extends the value of SharePoint across the enterprise by allowing organizations to integrate SharePoint with disparate applications across their network through the creation of simple drag-and-drop tasks.
Datasheet (Automation)

Automate for Webdocs

Using Automate with Webdocs allows your organization to streamline your workflows and truly abandon paper.
Datasheet (Document & Forms Management)

Webdocs for AP

Webdocs streamlines invoice processing by capturing invoices electronically and routing them through every step of your accounts payable (AP) workflow.
Datasheet (Business Intelligence)

HelpSystems Insite®

HelpSystems Insite is a browser-based integration hub that makes it easy for customers to work with many of our products and enhance their decision-making capabilities. Through the single unified interface, you can update your products to the most recent versions, create and manage dashboards, and monitor work from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
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