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Download "A Guide to Practical Single Sign On"

The cost of managing user access to data and software applications with user IDs and passwords adds up quickly, but the solution is surprisingly simple. With single sign on (SSO), you can eliminate passwords—and the cost associated with them—by joining your IBM i, AIX, and Linux servers to your Windows domain for authentication. The key to achieving the ROI you want is to use a fresh, direct...

Understanding RPA ROI: How to Measure It and Why It’s Important

Introduction Robotic process automation (RPA) can deliver significant benefits to companies of practically any size and in any industry. Its ability to improve productivity, increase innovation, and help companies deliver a better experience to customers makes it one of the most valuable tools of modern business. With effective tools for measuring the impact of RPA, companies can show that these...

How to Do Capacity Planning Guide

Your business can’t afford downtime. But with ever-growing IT infrastructure, keeping applications up and running isn’t easy. Every CIO or IT manager has limited time, money, or personnel budget to keep IT running. Without a solution, your IT environment risks performance bottlenecks, outages, and an overall inability to predict future needs. That’s where capacity planning comes in. Capacity...

Download "CIO Confidential: 5 Things Your IBM i Security Administrator Should Tell You"

Employees on the front lines often possess insight that manager, directors, and executives lack. Corporate leaders rely on feedback from these professionals, especially when it comes to emerging security threat. But for a variety of reasons, systems administrators might be reluctant to to speak up about critical issues related to IBM i, including the importance of consistently updating security...

Download "How to Securely Deploy Access Client Solutions (ACS) for IBM i"

IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) is the newest member of the IBM i Access family, replacing the IBM i Access for Windows client. ACS runs on most operating systems supporting Java. Because ACS uses different technology and deployment approach than IBM i Access for Windows, the considerations for securely deploying ACS are different than IBM i Access for Windows. Some of the considerations for...

Free eBook: Secure File Transfer Project Examples

IT and cybersecurity teams frequently envision, create, and implement innovative uses for their secure file transfer software. These unique applications allow them to solve critical industry and organizational needs without using a secondary solution or tool! In this informational ebook, you'll discover countless ways your peers use managed file transfer (MFT) in their organizations. We share...