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Case Study

Volvo: The Power to Perform

Volvo UK uses Robot Monitor to drive optimal performance monitoring across two data centers and keep a user community of 11,000 on course for success. See how.
Case Study

Sequel Helps FRS Keep Things Cool!

Question: If you owned or managed a restaurant, where could you go to order your equipment—anything from teaspoons for $1.15 a dozen, to a top-of-the-line, $100,000 commercial dishwasher? Answer: Foodservice Resources and Solutions, or FRS. For more than forty years, FRS has been providing quality products, outstanding service, and competitive pricing as part of the restaurant supply and equipment...
Case Study

Sequel Streamlines Data Access at Fremont Insurance Company

A fire wipes out your crop and farm equipment…an off-course sail punctures a hole in the side of your new boat…a careless driver crashes into your bumper at a stoplight…a hailstorm damages the roof and siding on your home…. What would you do if one of these disasters happened to you? If you live in the state of Michigan, you might rely on the insurance protection of Fremont Insurance Company like...
Case Study

Sequel Provides a Complete Data Access Solution for Crete Carrier Corporation

Crete Carrier Corporation, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, is one of the largest privately held truckload carriers in the United States. It wouldn’t be what it is today without the union of several specialists: Crete Carrier, Hunt Transportation of Omaha, Nebraska, and Shaffer Trucking of New Kingstown, Pennsylvania. The individual companies were successful for many years on their own, but by...