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What's New in Automate 11

Version 11 of Automate has just been released. Find out more about the new built-in actions, updated interface, and increased flexibility.

How to Automate Excel Reports

Set up an Excel automation task using Automate, robotic process automation (RPA) software from HelpSystems. Download a free trial of automation software and automate Excel reports today.

How To Automate Web Extraction

As more and more companies and governments make data available online, the demand and need to access and process Internet-based data is growing fast. Problematically, much of the data is available only through a front-end web-app that is designed for ad-hoc queries. If the need is to get bulk amounts of online data, automation becomes essential. Real-world automation requires that any number of...

Mobile NOW for Robot Network

The web interface for Robot Network is a browser-based tool that uses HelpSystems Insite to help you access system performance data for your network of IBM i systems from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also work in the Robot Network Status Center to see and respond to messages and other events that have been escalated to the Robot Network host system.

Insite Watch List for Robot Monitor

See how you can integrate and prioritize Robot Monitor exceptions into one list using the Insite Watch List feature available through the HelpSystems Insite web interface. Read on.

Mobile Dashboards for IBM i Monitoring

Robot Console leverages the power of HelpSystems' dashboards containing browser access! Mobile-friendly dashboards allow you to combine key message summary and resource status data into a single, intuitive view. Read on to learn more.