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Tips for a Successful RPA Adoption

Start your robotic process automation (RPA) journey off on the right foot by learning the people, processes, and infrastructure needs for adopting and scaling automation.

Benefits of Business Process Automation: Five Problems BPA Can Solve

You’ve heard all about business process automation and how it can save enterprises time and money. But how do you know if your business has a need for BPA software? Here are five common problems you might be facing that can easily be solved with the right automation tool

6 Simple Ways to Get Moving with RPA

Businesses across every industry and sector are growing increasingly reliant upon automation processes to improve organizational efficiency, boost customer satisfaction levels, and reduce operational costs. The most innovative and forward-thinking companies are consistently hearing that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is systematically transforming the business world. However, they are also...

How to Automate Excel Reports

Set up an Excel automation task using Automate, robotic process automation (RPA) software from HelpSystems. Download a free trial of automation software and automate Excel reports today.

Automating SharePoint Monitoring for Better Collaboration

Learn how you can use robotic process automation (RPA) to set up a Microsoft SharePoint monitoring task to monitor SharePoint folders and take actions to automatically move, change files, and send email notifications using Automate.

How to Calculate RPA ROI

Once you get an RPA project up and running, how do you know if it's successful or not? How do you measure the ROI? I'm going to walk you through, in real time, how to calculate RPA ROI for your project. To show you how we can do this, we're going to take a real HelpSystems RPA customer example and walk you through the analysis. Visit this page to get access to the RPA Toolkit and download the RPA...
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Maxmize ERP System Processes with RPA

A lot of businesses depend on their ERP system to conduct business. Whether it’s SAP, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamics, M1, NetSuite, or another ERP, critical data is processed and stored every day. These systems are powerful for managing business processes, but the built-in capabilities aren’t enough. So many businesses spend hours and manual effort prepping data, launching ERP procedures, and other...