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7 Misconceptions About Automation

Don’t let fear of the unknown decide your fate. Familiarize yourself with the facts about automation before you spend another minute on manual AS400 operations.

Common Excuses for Not Automating

Whether it’s staffing, budget, or complexity, we’ve heard all the excuses to forgo automation. The next time you hear—or find yourself making—an excuse, have the response ready.

Getting Buy-in to Implement RPA in Shared Services

As areas of the business that support multiple departments and are involved in vital business processes, shared services groups tend to have a lot on their plates. Robotic process automation (RPA) has the capability to offload tedious, time-consuming tasks like data entry, invoice processing, and account creation to bots.

Download the Workload Automation Buyer's Guide

Your First Step Towards Purchasing a Workload Automation Solution We know finding the right workload automation solution for your organization isn’t an easy process. There are dozens of details to consider, from 3rd party integrations, to job monitoring and security concerns, that can make choosing a vendor complex. In this ultimate buyer’s guide, you’ll find the information you need to...

Backup Basics: Saving Your Data and Your Job

You need a backup strategy to test your company’s disaster recovery plan and, despite its reputation for reliability, administrators still need to back up their IBM i. A sound backup strategy should also restore individual user objects to account for human error.

RPA in Action: Automated Data Scraping

Watch this example of automated data scraping through robotic process automation to see how you can use RPA to streamline your data entry processes.
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The Evolution of IBM i in the Data Center

AS/400, iSeries, IBM Power Systems—by any name, IBM i has stood the test of time. This proven technology continues to serve the needs of changing data centers around the world, but can its secrets of past success teach us what to expect next?
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Promoting the Future of IBM i in Your Business

Yes "i" can! Get tips for selling your peers and executives on the low total cost of ownership of IBM i and enhance your organization’s strong heritage on the platform.
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Successfully Integrating SAP Ariba Software with RPA

How do you outmaneuver your competition with technology? That’s the motto of Todd’s IT, a full-service IT consulting and technology solution provider. They aim to improve operations every day, and one of their tactics is leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) to simplify and streamline manual processes. They’ve identified ways RPA can improve the customer experience and make operations...