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5th Annual IBM AIX Community Survey Findings

The AIX Community Survey, now in its fifth consecutive year, goes in-depth with IT teams to gain a unique perspective into how this platform is being used today and how teams envision using it in the future. Over the years, the respondents of the survey have expanded to include a variety of industries, geographies, and titles within IT. More than 100 IT professionals in North America, EMEA, and APAC participated in this year’s survey, and this input enables all of us to understand the role of AIX with new clarity.

Comparing Different Methods for Calculating Health and Risk

How do you calculate IT health and risk? There are different methods you can use, depending on your needs. The most common methods for determining IT infrastructure health are: Threshold comparison Enhanced threshold comparison Event detection Variation from normal Allocation comparison Queuing theory for health On the other hand, the most common methods for calculating IT infrastructure risk are...

Performance Management

What is Performance Management? IT performance management is responsible for everyday aspects of capacity management, like monitoring performance and resources, planning changes to make efficient use of resources, analyzing performance, and reporting back to the business. Now more than ever, your company’s bottom line rests on your ability to provide 24/7 service online. Even short outages can...

IT Maturity

What are your optimization goals? An optimization initiative is typically triggered by one of the drivers listed below and the focus is dictated by your overall business objectives. But singlehandedly focusing on one objective may negatively impact your capabilities in the other areas. This can reduce the overall service quality and offer limited to no real value. In order to achieve concurrent...

How to Go from Simple to Strategic Capacity Management

Capacity Management Strategies If IT was like a restaurant…then capacity management should be like the restaurant manager (aka Maître D’). Unfortunately, too many organizations are using capacity management as the clean-up department. When something goes wrong, capacity management fixes it. And while that used to work, that’s not the best practice to follow today. A Brief History of Capacity...

Capacity Planning

Have you ever experienced an online service outage? It’s like losing half your physical locations without any warning. Downtime is a huge problem. It stops your revenue stream. It compromises customer loyalty. It damages your brand’s reputation. And it wastes hours and IT resources to fix the problem—when it shouldn’t have been a problem to begin with. Isn’t it about time you prevented downtime...

IT Risk Mitigation

It's a brave new world for IT. And it often seems impossible to predict future demand and guard against performance risks. You have mountains of data, scalable cloud infrastructures, and a complex web of IT environments. It's complicated, to say the least. And it's matched by skyrocketing consumer demand for and reliance on online services. Bottom line: outages are more dangerous to a company’s...

Service Level Management

While IT managers agree that service level management (SLM) is critical to their organizations, many also find it intimidating. It need not be. An SLM program is what you make it - it can be formal or informal, all-encompassing or focused on key services. The point is to document required service levels for services provided to the business by the IT organization. Service-level requirements are...

Top 15 Vendors in Capacity Management Software

Where TeamQuest (now part of HelpSystems) Capacity Management Stands TeamQuest, a global leader in capacity management and predictive analytic modeling, has made the Top 5 Vendors list by Research in Action’s 2016 Capacity Management SaaS and Software Report. Called “the most important focused player in capacity management,” TeamQuest (now part of HelpSystems) scored higher in customer...

Global IT Management Survey 2016—NewsWorthy Analysis

Results of a Kelton survey in which IT departments in large enterprises are tasked with responding to numerous business-impacting issues on any given day, including equipment failures, fluctuating website demand, and data security.

Vityl and ITIL

TeamQuest (a HelpSystems company) can help organizations improve their chances at a successful ITIL implementation through the ITIL best practices listed in this article.

Implementing a Consolidation Strategy

Improve Service quality "IT organizations should engage in a server consolidation project with three major goals: cost reduction, agility improvement and service-level improvement." Source: “Key Issues for Servers,” Gartner Inc. GOAL: IMPLEMENT A CONSOLIDATION STRATEGY Many companies are re-evaluating their IT infrastructures in light of changing business practices, economic demands, and security...

Ensure Availability at a Reasonable Cost to Meet Business SLAs

Availability is a key indicator of how successfully an IT organization is supporting the company’s business objectives. Are required service levels in terms of workload volume and response times being achieved consistently for the business units? If not, the impact can be significant: a stoppage or slowdown can, in a matter of minutes, disrupt your supply chain and result in lost transactions...