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IBM i marketplace continues to expand

HelpSystems has published its seventh annual IBM i Marketplace Survey. It shows that use of the IBM i platform has surged during the pandemic. What makes this growth more interesting, is that most of the growth has been on-premises or in private datacentres not in the cloud.
Press Release

Security remains top focus

HelpSystems has published its seventh annual IBM i Marketplace Survey, exploring how organizations use the IBM i platform and the IT initiatives it supports. Security concerns intensify with challenges over remote worker access.
Press Release

HelpSystems Completes Acquisition of Network Monitoring Pioneer, Dartware—Its Third Acquisition in 2012

Eden Prairie, MN, January 10, 2013 – Help/Systems, LLC, a world leader in systems management, security, and business intelligence software, announced it has completed the acquisition of Dartware, LLC, a network management software company. The acquisition, which completed in December, represents the growing company’s third acquisition in 2012 and ninth overall. Based in New Hampshire, Dartware is...