What's New in Sequel?

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What's New in Sequel?


Sequel keeps getting better and better. Our newest update includes templates to guide query-building, geared to help anyone within an organization: from technical staff to business users. Keep business users empowered instead of overwhelmed with guided query building, enabling them to get valuable data without IT’s help. Then they can proactively engage with information to run the business better.

Register for the webinar to see just a few things templates do: 

  • Allow users to create their own queries, do calculations, sort data, output data in an easier user interface.  
  • Provide technical staff an easy way to empower the business user with flexibility and ease of use without writing expensive code 
  • Allow IT departments to offload the task of designing, altering and sharing queries, giving them the ability to focus on other projects. 

We've also improved the Excel Add-In. It now supports a Set Query Variable to pass a value to multiple places in the spreadsheet, providing added flexibility and time savings to the business user.

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December 14, 2018

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