What’s New with Robot?

Live Webinar

What’s New with Robot?

The easiest way to learn the latest and greatest in Robot software

We’re wrapping up another great year of developing and supporting the Robot products you love. Want to see what we’ve rolled out this year and get a sneak preview of what’s on the roadmap for 2019?

Spend 45 minutes with your favorite Robot geeks, Chuck Losinski and Tom Huntington, as they keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with Robot systems management software while highlighting the latest enhancements, including:

  • NEW! – Robot Schedule 13.02 – New compare job forecast to actual job history command
  • NEW! – Robot HA 12.06 support for PowerHA role swaps
  • NEW! – Robot Monitor 14.1.6 supports Robot HA, SQL command visibility and improved GUI
  • Robot Console – OPAL enhancements and Insite (browser) integration
  • Robot Save and FlashCopy integration
  • HelpSystems Insite 2.6 integration platform
  • User forums in HelpSystems Community Portal

We’ll also show the new, secure GUI connection, share our full roadmap for 2019 enhancements, and leave plenty of time for Q&A.

We’re looking forward to having you join us on December 18!

1545148800 Tuesday
December 18, 2018

10:00am to 1545151500 10:45am
45 minutes