Systems Management Tips Using IBM i Services with Dawn May

Live Webinar

Systems Management Tips Using IBM i Services with Dawn May

A better and faster interface for many IBM i systems management tasks

It used to be that IBM i administrators had to rely on commands, displays, outfiles, APIs, and the Navigator GUI to view IBM i management information, but no more.

Many system services are now accessible through system-provided SQL views, procedures, and functions that provide additional flexibility and allow you to determine what data you want to see and how you want it organized—all without needing to code to a system API!

In this live webinar, Dawn May shows you where to find example SQL statements to get you started and explains how to use the SQL interface to access, transform, order, and subset the vital system information you depend on, including:

  • Information on active jobs and system status
  • Easy ways to search the history log
  • Routing work to subsystems by user profile
  • Tracking storage consumption—including IASP—and system limits

You’ll also see a live demonstration of how Robot Monitor can automate this data collection, summarization, and system reporting across IBM i and VIOS partitions to make systems management even easier.

Looking forward to having you join us on September 12!

1536764400 Wednesday
September 12, 2018

10:00am to 1536768000 11:00am
30 minutes