Live Webinar

Robot HA in PowerHA Environments

How to get coverage for data and applications in SYSBAS

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i is robust, but it may not cover all your bases on IBM i. And by bases, we’re talking about SYSBAS. Not every application utility can (or should) run in an independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP).

When it comes to replication, role swaps, and recovery on IBM i, you need to be sure that the data and applications in SYSBAS aren’t left behind.

Thanks to our special partnership with IBM, HelpSystems has exclusive insight into PowerHA. We know where a complementary, software-based solution like Robot HA can close the gaps by adding flexibility and providing replication for data and applications in SYSBAS—and even replicating data out of your IASP to another server or partition!—all at an affordable rate.

Don’t miss this live webinar where our IBM i high availability experts will help you understand:

  • PowerHA requirements vs. recommendations
  • Scenarios where PowerHA by itself is best
  • Where hardware and software replication complement each other
  • Scenarios where combining solutions is best

We know many of you are considering a change in how you have been replicating your IBM i data in 2019. This webinar will clear and uncomplicate this topic for you.

We look forward to having you join us on March 28!

1553785200 Thursday
March 28, 2019

10:00am to 1553787000 10:30am
30 minutes