Live Webinar

Insite Analytics: Browser-Based Business Intelligence

Executives, business users, and IT teams all need insight into key information to make smart business decisions and keep IT operations running smoothly. Most IT departments are responsible for these data requests but struggle to keep them under control. 

IT tries to keep a close watch on data for accuracy and security’s sake. But the tighter they hold on, the more likely they are to drive business users toward getting their information by unapproved means—like old data files—which take longer and are less accurate. 

There’s a better way for business users and IT teams to access, visualize, and share data. It’s called Insite Analytics, available from HelpSystems.

Join us for a live webinar on August 22 to hear all about how Insite Analytics can make data access easier through:

  • Dashboards for operational information, including BRMS
  • At-a-glance data to empower business users with key information
1566489600 Thursday
August 22, 2019

11:00am to 1566493200 12:00pm