Live Webinar

How to Navigate the HA/DR Landscape for IBM i

Unpacking your options and optimizing your availability

With the introduction of Db2 Mirror for i alongside IBM i 7.4, the advent of running IBM i in the cloud, plus PowerHA and storage-based replication, the high availability (HA) landscape has changed considerably over the years—and with it the number of alternatives on the market.

But how do I know which HA option(s) work best for me?

In this live webinar, our IBM i experts offer their HA/DR insight backed by technical information and years of real-life implementation experiences. You’ll learn:

  • Are high availability and disaster recovery the same?
  • What are the methods for achieving high availability?
  • Which method is best for me?

Whether you’re looking to implement or replace an HA solution or simply want to keep up with current HA/DR technology, this webinar is for you!

We look forward to having you join us on October 10!

1570719600 Thursday
October 10, 2019

10:00am to 1570723200 11:00am
1 hour