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How to Be Smart When Selecting a Job Scheduler

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When searching for the right job scheduling software, look no further than your own data center. Ask yourself: which operating system is the cornerstone of my business? Does my workload have dependencies across multiple platforms, including IBM i or the cloud? Do I have tedious business processes outside of IT that I’m ready to automate? Then, attend this webinar.

Join the scheduling experts at HelpSystems and discover our exceptional scheduling and task automation solutions that put the pitiful limitations of Cron, Windows Task Scheduler, and the native IBM i scheduler to shame.

We’ll help you to make an informed decision about the right solution for your data center and application needs by showing you:

  • How your environment determines the scheduling solution
  • How each HelpSystems scheduling solution works
  • How our scheduling solutions can be combined
  • How to use our scheduling solutions to your advantage

It’s time to retire outdated technology and adopt server automation tools that help you save money, reduce errors, and to get more out of the resources you already have.

We look forward to having you join us on October 1st!

1569987000 Tuesday
October 1, 2019

10:30pm to 1569990600 11:30pm
30 minutes