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Getting Started with RPA: 6 Simple Ways to Leverage RPA in Your Organization

Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

According to Deloitte’s Global RPA Survey, RPA adoption is expected to reach 72% by 2020. While you don’t want to get left behind as your peers and competitors embrace automation, there’s still a lot of noise around RPA that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and hesitant to embrace the transformative software. How do you cut through the noise and figure out where to get started?

In this live webinar, Pat Cameron, Director of Automation Technology, and Ricky Wilcox, Presales Engineer, at HelpSystems, will show you that RPA doesn’t have to be complicated. They’ll take you through easy, yet impactful ways to leverage RPA in your organization. Helping you start small, prove RPA’s value, and know when to expand. You’ll also learn:

  • Current RPA trends
  • The benefits and value of embracing RPA software
  • Demonstration of 6 areas across your IT, HR, and Accounting departments to leverage RPA
  • Valuable tips for getting started

Join us to learn some simple ways to get started with RPA and add value fast. Register now to set your business on the path of true digital transformation.

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June 20, 2019

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