Back to Basics Webinar Series: Smart Email Process Automation

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Back to Basics Webinar Series: Smart Email Process Automation


Head back to class this fall with our webinar series bringing you back to the basics of automation. Our professors, Pat Cameron, Director of Automation Technology, and Richard Schoen, Director of Document Management, will bring you a month-long webinar series giving you the 101 on essential tasks you should be automating. They’ll walk you through common processes you might encounter—like email and Microsoft Excel automation—and show you how Automate can help streamline your most repetitive, manual tasks. You’ll also get a chance to see Automate in action.

Graduate your skill set to the next level and learn how Automate can help make your Inbox smarter, advance your Excel efficiency, learn web data scraping and extraction, and get an A+ in Automate’s best practices.

Here’s your course list:

Why Your Business Needs Smart Email Process Automation – Wednesday, September 5
Learn how to automatically process information from your email quickly and efficiently like responding to requests, processing CSV and Excel files, and receiving notifications that files are ready to download.

Advanced Excel Automation for the Enterprise – Thursday, September 13
Excel is one of the most widely used business applications today. Learn the most common Excel processes and discover how to simplify them with automation.

Automate Data Scraping and Extraction for Web and More – Thursday, September 20
Learn how to solve the painful problems of data entry and extraction from the web and see real life use cases of how Automate is used for data scraping and extraction.

Automate Best Practices – Thursday, September 27
Learn the important things to consider when building and testing your automation processes and see demos of each best practice along the way.

Join us for this 4-part webinar course in automating the essential tasks that will help lead to a successful automation strategy. Learn how Automate can transform your business by increasing accuracy and improving productivity through automation. Don’t be tardy—register today!

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September 5, 2018

One Hour