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Out With AFP, in With iForms

Modernize your document creation

It’s time to replace your outdated forms creation software with a modern approach that can be integrated into your business.

iForms document creation is a modern alternative to IBM’s unsupported AFP document creation and outdated forms packages that may no longer be supported. The software’s robust functionality is the perfect solution for all your company’s form, report generation, and delivery needs today and into the future.

Join us on August 25th to learn more about the iForms document creation process and iForms' ability to:

  • Create forms from data on IBM i and Windows.
  • Generate documents from spooled files and databases such as Db2, SQL Server, and more.
  • Create professional invoices, purchase orders, billing statements, and data-driven reports.
  • Offer full support and future-facing development.
Aug 25, 2022
30 minutes