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Showcase Advanced Query

For Showcase 9: This class begins with a discussion of the Showcase environment and the connectivity required for accessing a database on the iSeries (AS/400).  Defining expressions and building complex conditions with SQL are discussed. Extensive time is spent using the Query add-ins with Microsoft Excel. The student will learn how to work with Structured Query Language (SQL) to create Subselects and Unions. The use of dates and data storage of dates is discussed, as well as how to use the various options provided for running queries.  Lab exercises are included to reinforce the learning.

Who Should Attend

This class is intended for experienced users of Query and Report Writer who want to use more advanced functions for creating reports.


The student must have completed the Query for End Users class or the Report Writer for End Users class, or must have equivalent experience with Query or Report Writer.  A thorough understanding of Microsoft Windows is required.  Some experience with Microsoft Excel is recommended.

What to Expect

  • Query and the Showcase Environment
  • Connectivity
  • The Query Application
  • Expressions and SQL Functions
  • Data Wrappers
  • Subselect Statement and Union Operation
  • Working with Other Windows Applications
  • Interactive and Batch Processing


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Available On Demand
$4,500 plus instructor expenses (up to 12 students, additional cost for more students)
2 Days