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Showcase Administration Using Warehouse Manager

Course description:

This class provides comprehensive technical training for Showcase Administrators on the Warehouse Manager product and on the Data Views function in Query. Warehouse Manager training emphasizes the use of Warehouse Manager functions for performing the following tasks: 

  • Managing server options and settings required for the Showcase Suite functions 
  • Creating and managing iSeries (AS/400) user profiles 
  • Allocating and managing iSeries resources for users of Query and Report Writer 
  • Setting security values for controlling access to iSeries objects and Showcase Suite applications 
  • Managing licenses for Showcase Suite products 
  • Creating alias names for iSeries objects 
  • Running pre-built Showcase Suite reports and auditing Showcase Suite usage 

Lab exercises are included to reinforce the learning experience.

Who Should Attend:

This class is intended for IT professionals who are responsible for the implementation and administration of Showcase Suite products.


Experience with iSeries relational database architecture and Microsoft Windows-based applications is required. A background in information technology is helpful.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Warehouse Manager 
  • Administrative Functions 
  • iSeries (AS/400) Profile Management 
  • Security Settings Management 
  • Resource Settings Management 
  • Alias Management 
  • License Management 
  • Reports and Auditing

This class follows a blended approach to learning that includes:

  • Presentation and live demonstrations
  • Hands-on activities on your own system
  • Participant interaction with trainers during sessions
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