Understanding Your Automation Journey | Press Release

Understanding Your Automation Journey

Posted on February 28, 2022 | Automation

In this Information Age article, Ravi Dirckze, Technical Product Manager at HelpSystems, explains the need for businesses to understand their automation journey.


“In order to achieve shorter-term automation goals, businesses need to evaluate their existing automation needs and ask a few key questions. Are they seeking to automate mundane tasks to increase personal productivity, such as processing emails, setting up notifications or organising files? Personal productivity automation is employee-driven and used to tackle multiple tasks for productivity gains at the individual level.

Are they seeking to streamline business processes, such as processing a high volume of invoices or moving data from one system to another? Business process automation (BPA) is also employee-driven but it streamlines business processes to deliver efficiencies and productivity gains across users and departments.”

Read the full article here

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