New Year, New Features – HelpSystems Announces First Round of Product Releases for 2022 | Press Release

New Year, New Features – HelpSystems Announces First Round of Product Releases for 2022

Posted on January 13, 2022 | Cybersecurity

MINNEAPOLIS — January 13, 2022 — HelpSystems today announced its first round of product releases for 2022. The 2022.1 release provides customers with additional features and smart integrations to strengthen their cybersecurity and automation initiatives. 

“With the threat landscape continuing to change and evolve, and cybersecurity resources beyond breaking point, organizations need solutions that can work together to better secure critical data, protect infrastructures, and automate workflows,” said John Grancarich, HelpSystems Vice President of Product & Growth Strategy. “We continue to improve our products to allow our customers to move forward with their critical requirements, deepening product integrations so toolsets work more closely and efficiently than before.”

One key enhancement that demonstrates deepening product integration is the more unified approach to Data Classification, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Secure File Transfer, and Email Security solutions. Now, when sharing a sensitive file with employees, customers, or business partners, customers can easily specify how to classify the file, choose who gets access to it, and upload it, all in one interface, creating an optimized data protection workflow.  

Interested in learning more about what HelpSystems is working on in 2022? Join our product experts for our 2022 roadmap webinar series, Jan 18-21. Register here.

To find out what’s new, view all product releases here. 

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