Cybersecurity Software Provider HelpSystems Acquires Terranova Security | Press Release

Cybersecurity Software Provider HelpSystems Acquires Terranova Security

Posted on April 28, 2022 | Compliance

In this eChannelNews podcast, John Grancarich, Exec VP of Strategy, explains why HelpSystems recently acquired Terranova Security. 


“For HelpSystems, whenever we build a new product or acquire a product from another company, we are always focused on solving a market problem. In Terranova’s case, we identified a clear market problem around the fact that despite all the continued investment in cybersecurity, people are still the weakest link the cybersecurity defense chain and all it takes is one errant click of a link or a text message and you are compromised. We already had some presence in the security awareness space, but not enough to really make a dent, so we looked for an opportunity to acquire a company to leapfog into that space and that’s where Terranova came in.”

“We were absolutely knocked out by their great team and their solution completely blew us away.”

Listen to the full podcast here

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