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Your Best Server Consolidation Strategy

How to use Performance Navigator to simplify IBM Power Systems server consolidation


For many organizations, a new server announcement from IBM triggers a consolidation initiative. The goal? To reduce the hardware footprint and save on the licensing, maintenance, electrical, and cooling costs associated with running modern data centers. But server consolidation is not as straightforward as it once was.

With IBM Power Systems servers running IBM i, AIX, Linux, and VIOS workloads, not to mention complex virtualization, enterprise pooling, and live partition mobility (LPM) initiatives, manual number crunching is not an option. There’s a better way to calculate your consolidation: Performance Navigator.

During this recorded webinar, our capacity planning experts demonstrate how you can streamline server consolidation across IBM Power Systems using powerful features in Performance Navigator software. You’ll learn how to:

  • Profile your existing workloads
  • Easily identify peak days
  • Visualize proposed consolidated workloads
  • Simulate growth
  • See what newly consolidated workloads will look like on potential new hardware

Whether your workloads are running on-prem or in the cloud, Performance Navigator is your solution for simplified server consolidation.

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