On-Demand Webinar

Workshop: PowerHA + Robot HA

A hands-on session on how to work with PowerHA and journaling software like Robot HA


We often hear that IT teams are either afraid do a planned switchover or aren’t sure how to tell when they’re ready for a role swap. It’s time to build a little confidence into your business continuity!

During this recorded webinar, two IBM i high availability experts demonstrate how to verify your data replication products are doing what you need them to do. We'll show you what to look at on your system in order to verify that you’re replicating what you want replicated and that you are ready for the role swap. You’ll learn about:

  • High availability options on IBM i
  • How to verify/navigate PowerHA
  • How to verify/navigate journaling software like Robot HA
  • Monitoring options for high availability tools

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Start replicating SYSBAS today!

PowerHA is robust, but it may not cover all your bases—SYSBAS, that is! See how you can replicate data and applications in SYSBAS by adding the flexibility of Robot HA to your PowerHA environment on IBM i.

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