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Work Smarter: Integrate IBM i and Desktop Applications

IBM i, Windows
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October 27, 2016


My desktop application users spend a lot of time manually generating and printing letters using IBM i data.

Our team copies and pastes information between IBM i applications all the time.

Launching a PC application from my IBM i screens is impossible today.

Sound familiar?

Too many businesses go through manual efforts to transfer documents and data across IBM i and desktop applications—especially ERPs. Whether you use JDE World, JDE EnterpriseOne, Infor, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other ERP, chances are your employees are stuck transferring information manually. And all of that manual effort leads to hours upon hours of wasted time.

But it doesn’t need to any more.

Watch the recording to learn how easy it can be to bring your IBM i and desktop applications together automatically. Plus, employees will gain productivity and be able to do more work faster.

You’ll learn:

  • Why integrating your IBM i and desktop applications is good for business
  • When it makes sense to integrate IBM i applications with PC desktops
  • How to bring your users closer to the applications information they interact with on a daily basis

Move into a more efficient future—and away from tiresome copying, pasting, and maneuvering. 

Ready to integrate your applications?

Try IBM i Office Integrator—application integration software for IBM i and Windows—today and see how you can work smarter.