On-Demand Webinar

Why Your IBM i Security Will Fail (and How to Fix It)

May 19, 2020


On IBM i, we tend to focus on securing “green screen” activities or securing by obscurity, trusting that users on the network won’t know what to do anyway. Both approaches share a common flaw: bypassing menu and application restrictions is simple on the majority of IBM i servers.

Thanks to modern network interfaces, anyone with credentials may be able to steal and damage critical data and even execute powerful server commands, all without passing through a single menu or crossing a command line!

In this webinar with security expert and IBM Champion Robin Tatam, you’ll learn:

  • How IBM shipped your system to you with all users granted full access to the database
  • How commands are controlled at four levels
  • How profiles with Limited Capabilities can still run commands
  • Why today’s Power System servers share the security DNA of an aged AS/400
  • The simplest and most surefire way to prevent unauthorized access to your IFS, your server, and to your critical databases

If preventing malicious server access and a costly disruption of day-to-day business activities is important for your organization, you don’t want to miss this presentation!

Fix Your IBM i Security Flaws

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