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Why Your Business Needs Smart Email Process Automation

August 3, 2017


How much time does your organization waste manually monitoring email inboxes, manually processing inbound email messages, and entering data into business systems? Do your employees still print email messages and attachments and manually key in the data? What about help desk requests such as password resets or new user set up? From receiving Accounts Payable invoices to onboarding users or processing simple information requests, chances are several hours per day are wasted managing emails that could be received and processed automatically.

AutoMate allows you to automatically monitor any mailbox and directly process the inbound messages, forwarding the appropriate information to the people and systems that need to process the messages. Email automation is also a good way to service customers, vendor, and employee requests automatically. Saving time and increasing accuracy frees up your employees to focus on the more complex service items and allows a large percentage of questions to get answered automatically.

Join this live webinar to learn about using AutoMate’s outbound and inbound email automation capabilities. If you or your team have to regularly interact with an email inbox or need to send notifications, reports, and other outbound messages via email, you will learn how to streamline your day by automating these tasks. We’ll cover sample email automation use cases and show some live examples to help you start thinking of ways to automate your important email-driven tasks.

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