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Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Hackers



Okay, it’s not that you shouldn’t worry about hackers, but you need to realize that IBM i servers face an even more likely threat: one that’s already infiltrated the advanced firewall, has engineered the capability to access critical business data, and has been operating without detection for years.

How has this “clear and present danger” successfully penetrated the protection of the perimeter controls? And how is it able to circumvent all of those sophisticated threat detection systems your organization has invested in? It’s actually quite simple: the threat comes from your internal users!

Join this important session to instantly benefit from exclusive insight gained by Powertech’s security team through the auditing of thousands of IBM i servers around the world. You will hear about:

  • Why IBM i may be more susceptible to abuse than other systems
  • When getting a small grip is better than no grip at all
  • What is the IBM i system registry and why you should care
  • Who watches the watchmen
  • How to obtain funding for a security project


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